Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CFML to be Open Source (for Blue Dragon)

Blue Dragon (A CFML server similar to Adobe's ColdFusion Server) has announced a dual-license where the basic CFML based Blue Dragon server will be open source. This is smilar to the way MySQL is! This means that for those who want to "pop the hood" and customize it (like Google did for their database) - they can.

I'll let you read details there, but the first code drop will be released "near" June 2008 - same time as CF United 2008!

There is no word yet as to whether this changes anything for Adobe, but in my mind, choices are a GOOD thing. Since the source code has not been released yet, right now this doesn't mean much (IMHO) other than a PR move for New Atlanta / Blue Dragon. Still, I will certainly be downloading and popping that hood myself when the option comes.

Updated: 03/14/2008 - Clarify what this means for the CF Community.

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