Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tag Context

Update: I had a formatting issue in the code example.

I found this method handy when trying to track down the tab Context of a page's execution. This throws an error, catches it and allows you to output (or email ... or post to a log) the needed information of where a page's execution is coming from.
<cfset e=duplicate(cfcatch)>
<cfdump var="#e.tagContext#">
One word of caution though, in my experience, it can over time (several days of try/throw/catching errors) lead to server instability. In my case, it was sending an email in the catch and was left in even after I fixed the issue to monitor / make sure it was fixed. The error you will see is:
An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.
This exception was caused by: coldfusion.mail.MailSessionException
For some reason it loses the connection to the mail server and ANY code that tries to send an email will fail. Not good. It was handy and served its purpose, but be warned on your method of implementation.

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